Netflix 'Broken' docuseries reveals grim details on Vaping Industry & other harmful products

The documentary series breaksdown fraud, corruption & more in other consumer-related products

Netflix Broken docuseries screenshot
Broken documentary series/ Netflix

Netflix's upcoming documentary series, Broken, looks to disrupt the landscape of the shady consumer industry with its new trailer. Scenes from the teaser offer a glimpse of the dark truth behind several industry products and break down the dangers that come along with it.

In the past, the streaming service has produced several original documentary series that have become immensely popular. Few such as The Devil Next Door, Making a Murderer, Wild Wild Country, etc have turned out to becoming binge-worthy series' for viewers.

From the looks of it, Broken could become Netflix's next most-watched docuseries. It seems to be covering consumer products that affect all classes of people in society. Here's the official description:

Broken is a new investigative documentary series that identifies and deconstructs the systems that make consumer products vulnerable to fraud, corruption, and negligence – often at the expense of public health and safety. The series uncovers the truth behind the consumer price of the vaping industry, counterfeit cosmetics, plastics and fast furniture.

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The trailer, as well as the official note for the docuseries clearly confirms that the vaping topic is covered largely from its effects on consumers and the industry's response. For those unaware, it has been recently found that vaping has been leading to severe lung injuries among the youth.

Recently, a woman in Marin County is reported to have died from vaping related complications, the first death recorded in the San Francisco Bay area associated with e-cigarette use. Moreover, its already estimated that over 2,000 Americans who vape get sick with lung damages since March.

India took drastic measures and has banned the sale of e-cigarettes. Moreover, even importing Vaping products is illegal in the country, a move that came in the light of the product's harm. The investigative series seems to have even interviewed teenagers on Vaping since the product has lately been most-used by the younger consumers. But clearly, that won't be the only topic under the scanner. Broken releases on November 27 on Netflix.

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