Neil King, Why Single Men Shouldn't Settle And Instead Live A King-Lifestyle

Neil King

For many decades men were neglected, and if they showed their vulnerability, they would be said to be weak and less of a man. Meet Neil King, the men ambassador disrupting the norm by helping men dominate businesses and lifestyles as part of living a fulfilled life. He is on a mission to encourage and empower men to crush life...

His target audience is single men between 22 -60 years and is motivated by the spot to help average men build their dream lifestyle full of adventure, high-status circles, and attain freedom. Neil is here to walk with them side by side whether they have failed before or feel like they have little or no time left to improve.

Coaching men for more than 13 years makes him the best in this industry. Neil King is the top-recommended master of training men to achieve business freedom and excel in different lifestyle spheres. He has mastered the art of making men more comfortable by taking them to the next level of elite social circles. A healthy percentage of men have also benefited from his dating advice and are now enjoying healthy relationships. If you are a man out there, you cannot afford to miss his adventure and fun-for-men recipe that most men have turned into their bible.

Neil King Painting His Version Of Rock-bottom

Neil King is one of the most charismatic people you will ever meet, but this does not stop him from having his perfect share of a rocky journey. He vividly recalls being betrayed by his business partner and being bankrupt to the point of not having a roof over his head. His most trusted girlfriend also left him in darkness at this point in life. Neil King perfectly understands how it feels to be homeless (3 times). At one point, he went to Dubai with no return ticket and visa, where he built a social circle with billionaires, sheiks, and business tycoons within 8 months. The pinch of losing a $4,000,000 company was a deep cut for Neil King that only hard deep work could heal...

Neil King's Breakthrough Chapters In Life

Neil's best comeback was making music with iconic superstars like Akon, Hosting Event & afterparty with The weekend, and building a 7 figure business that earned him up to $100,000 per day. He rose from not being popular, insecure, and broke to dating 1000+ women before settling down with his fiance. Neil King has taken pride in operating businesses across 11 countries, including hosting one of the biggest nightclub parties in the world in the biggest club in the world, Privilege, Ibiza.

Neil King's Unfolds His Top Secret To Living A Fulfilled Life

Neil was actually reluctant to teach other men specifically on social lifestyle... But through dialogue with his friend & Business partner Matt Artisan (owner of one of the greatest dating tips for men companies in the world with a million followers world-wide) Neil decided to start helping other men too..

Neil's best piece of advice is to stop settling for less, stop going about things "the normal ways" instead go for it all.. With adventure! As long as you quit being inefficient and follow a process that actually works.

His best insight to growing your social circle is by taking an entrepreneurial approach. Neil King continues to say 'the chance is open to everyone and introverts are also best fits.' It starts with making a king's decision and quit doing normal things that lead to tons of rejection, you can opt to leverage entrepreneurship and elite circles. Neil King and his team have successfully used simple entrepreneurial strategies with the lifestyle setup method to help 1000 plus clients elevate their lifestyle, freedom, fun, and high social status circles...