Need for Speed Payback review: EA should reinvent themselves

The new installment in the Need for Speed franchise, 'Payback' indicates that EA should add up new elements to give a fresh feel to the game.

Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed is one of the longest running racing franchises, and in the course of time, this video game series has witnessed its share of ups and downs. But when it comes to 'Need for Speed Payback', EA is facing an all-time low, as this new game has literally failed to engage the audiences with its cliched gaming style and outdated setpieces. As Payback is receiving negative reviews from all corners, EA should really try to reinvent themselves if they plan to unveil more editions of this series.

Payback has nothing new to offer

The major flaw of Need for Speed Payback lies in its cliched theme. Even though the game offers immense scope for people to race in style, there is nothing new with the theme, as it is the same cliched thing which gamers are playing since 2005. To make things more clear, Need for Speed Payback can be considered as the mix of GTA, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and the much popular Fast and Furious movie series. The makers offer drastic customization options for cars, but many times, it closely resembles those old underground ages.

Even in the midst of these boring elements, what hooks the audiences to this game is the racing style. In Need for Speed Payback, gamers are given the full privilege, and they can race as per they wish to reach the first position. The racing is all about nitrous bursts and huge drifts, and they succeed in increasing the adrenaline rush of the gamers.

As you play Need for Speed Payback, the gamer will feel like a movie hero, as he is the one who is capable to take down bad guys in badass style. But always remember, all actions are in the car. If the player gets a chance to step down and take on people, then this game would have been easily renamed 'GTA'.

The most interesting factor in this year's Need for Speed is its map. Even though the map is not the biggest like GTA, it has enough areas to explore, and the spectators can adventurously ride through the speedy tracks feeling a sense of visual ecstasy. There are speed traps and speed zones in the track, but what you will love the most will be the opportunity to smash the billboards in heroic style.

Final Verdict

'Need for Speed Payback' is a perfect pick for NFS fans, but it may not impress people who love to taste something different than the usual racing encounters. This game has lots of action, but it lacks that substance to hook up the audiences on the seats.