Nebraska: Horrifying Video Shows People Nearly Drowning Inside Lift Full of Floodwater

Nebraska's largest city, Omaha, was under a severe thunderstorm warning Saturday night which produced flash flooding. Absolutely terrifying scenario emerged as three people were caught in an elevator descending into flood water. The footage highlighted the horrific scenes in the flooded elevator.

3 Individuals Trapped in An Elevator with Murky Water Nearly Up to Their Shoulders

The footage is from Omaha when three Nebraskans were stuck in a flooded elevator and escaped just before the water got above their necks.

Omaha man Tony Luu said he and his two friends got in his apartment elevator to check out storm damage, KTRK-TV reported. Before the elevator doors could open, Luu said water started pouring in through the vents as they descended.

'We Might Die if You Don't Come Help Us'

According to KLKN TV, Luu called his roommate, who works in maintenance for the building while his friend called 911. Luu told his roommate "We might die if you don't come help us."

His roommate, his brother and another person went to the lobby and helped open the doors, getting Luu and the others out safely. They opened the elevator from the lobby by the time the water was up to his neck.

Omaha flash flood
Still from the video that was released by the ABC News Twitter

"I was swimming out. It was like something out of a movie," Luu says.

Luu and his friends were not injured.

Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs in Washington shared a version of the video as well on Twitter, noting that Omaha Firefighters were able to rescue the trapped people, according to Omaha Scanner.

Storm-related photos and videos from Saturday night were widely circulated on social media.

Omaha flash flood
Severe thunderstorm blows through Omaha as stranded in 2 to 4 feet of water Twitter grab

Heavy Rains Caused Property Damage in Omaha

The flash flooding had various adverse impacts and created chaotic situations in Omaha. The severe thunderstorm downed trees and flooded streets in the Omaha area. Various people were trapped in the city's Old Market in downtown Omaha, the Omaha World-Herald reported. Nearly 1,600 people in areas in and around Omaha were without power Saturday night, according to Omaha Public Power District.

As KETV reported, the National Weather Service counted six rescues of drivers stranded in flooded vehicles in Omaha. Some downtown streets remained closed Sunday morning because of debris, including 14th and 13th Streets from Jones to Leavenworth Streets.

Suzanne Fortin, the meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service's Omaha forecasting office, said it's been roughly two decades since such severe flash flooding hit the area.