Nearly 100 Nudists Who Visited French Nature Resort Test Positive for Covid-19

As France faces another wave of Coronavirus, the situation is worrying says Health Minister Olivier Veran with high infection rate among the young population

France has reported a worrying Coronavirus outbreak at a nature resort near Montpellier with close to 100 testing positive and 50 falling sick after their return. While masks don't sit well among naturists, also known as nudists, they did wear masks as per French rules. However, it wasn't enough for the tourists to protect themselves.

The Cap d'Agde resort in the Hérault region of France has been a popular tourist destination among naturists since the 1960s with over 40,000 visiting in the summer every year. As France already relaxed restrictions, it was open for visitors again. But social distancing and face coverings are still mandatory since July 20.

The nudist resort has a beach, multiple indoor spaces that include bars, shopping spaces, banks and clubs. While the nudists wore masks as per the resort workers, social distancing was tough to follow.

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A total of 95 tested positive in the resort with the number expected to grow Twitter/ Allen Haberberg

Numbers to Grow

French health officials have warned of a "very worrying outbreak" after 38 tested positive on Monday, August 17 out of 194 tests, making it a hotspot. On Wednesday, they conducted another 244 tests and 57 came back positive, as per the regional health service, Daily Mail reported.

That took the tally to 95 with the number expected to grow as 310 more were tested on Friday. The results are expected this week. Health officials were also worried about the positivity rate. The nudists at the resort had a four times higher infection rate than the village nearby.

Risky situation

France at present seeing a second wave of COVID-19 with close to 5,000 cases being reported on Sunday, August 23 — highest daily new cases since the end of lockdown in May. Country's Health Minister Olivier Veran said that the "situation was risky" and he was concerned that the infection was higher among 20 to 40-year olds than among the population of over 65.

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Europe is facing a second wave of the virus with many countries reporting daily highs since the lockdown was eased Statista

"If the circulation of the virus is still accelerating among the youngest, it could infect the elderly, who more often contract more severe forms of the disease," Veran said, adding that infection was higher among young and that was a matter of concern as most of them are asymptomatic.

The situation in Europe is quickly becoming a concern with many countries reporting daily highs since restrictions were relaxed. In Croatia, weekly cases have increased by 179 percent — from 7.8 percent per 100,000 to 21.5. Similarly, Austria has reported a 79.5 percent hike while Germany (26.1), Switzerland (54.6) are also facing another wave of the virus. The situation in Spain is also grim with the country reporting over 5,000 cases daily.

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