NBA star Derrick Rose testifies in rape lawsuit, denies accusations of ex-girlfriend

Derrick Rose and his two friends have been accused of raping his former girlfriend in 2013.

Derrick Rose
Former Chicago Bulls' guard Rose (L) is now plying his trade with New York Knicks Reuters

National Basketball Association star Derrick Rose testified in a lawsuit accusing him and his two friends of raping his ex-girlfriend in August 2013.

The woman is suing Rose and his childhood friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, for allegedly drugging and having sex with her. The plaintiff, who claimed she was in an intoxicated state at her house, has demanded $21m from the New York Knicks star.

However, Rose's account on Friday in front of an eight-member jury vastly differed from that of the woman's. The former Chicago Bulls' guard said the woman had sex with Hampton at his place before the three men went to her house in downtown Los Angeles.

Rose said he had met the woman at a club in 2011 and had a "non-exclusive sexual relationship" with her, according to The Inquirer. He asserted that the woman willingly had sex with each one of them in turns.

"In my mind, she consented to every other time (the two of us) had sex, so why wouldn't she this time," Rose said, as quoted by the report.

Responding to the woman's attorney, who had asked whether he felt any remorse, the 28-year-old reportedly said: "Yes, I am sensitive to it ... but I don't feel like I did anything wrong."

The attorney also reviewed the text messages Rose had shared with the woman on the morning of the alleged rape and questioned him whether the woman had indicated her intention. Rose is likely to continue his testimony on Tuesday.

The woman, in her testimony, maintained she did not sue the trio for money and that she never gave them consent to have sex with her after a night of heavy drinking. She also said she could vaguely remember what had happened and that she had passed out after having the drugged drink.

The woman had not reported the incident for two years. Notably, no criminal charges have been filed against the three men but the Los Angeles police have said they are investigating the case.