Navigating Indonesia's Green Transition with Indika Energy Vice President Director and Group CEO

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Indika Energy

We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Azis Armand, Vice President Director and Group CEO of Indika Energy, who in a candid conversation, shared his insights into Indonesia's green transition, Indika Energy's clean energy initiatives, and the nation's leadership role in the international community.

Q: Indonesia's move towards clean energy and the role that Indika Energy plays in this shift, Mr. Armand could you give us a summary of this development?

A: Indonesia is currently at a turning point in its energy future, shifting gears towards cleaner and more sustainable options. The nation understands that diminishing its dependence on coal and other non-renewable resources is vital in reducing the impact on our environment and tackling global warming. At Indika Energy, we are devoted to harmonizing our initiatives with Indonesia's energy goals. Our primary attention is on increasing the breadth of our energy portfolio by investing in eco-friendly sources like solar. By focussing on green energy developments, we demonstrate our steadfast commitment to limiting carbon emissions and supporting a more environmentally aware energy industry.

Q: Indika Energy has a few noteworthy projects in the works. One of these is the development of electric motorcycles named ALVA – which has already produced two electric two-wheelers: ALVA One and ALVA and Cervo. Can you provide more information on these projects?

A: Indika Energy's commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly solutions has resulted in ground-breaking partnerships such as those that led to thedevelopment of ALVA electric motorcycles, a remarkableexample of our commitment to sustainable mobility. The electric bikes have successfully provided a cleaner alternative for mobility by reducing air pollution and reliance on non-renewable sources of energy. Our relentless pursuit of unique initiatives like these serves as a yardstick for responsible practices and a significant contribution to Indonesia's vision of a greener future.

Q: Indonesia's hosting of both the B20 and G20 last year in Bali showcases its ability to be a trailblazer in the global community. With its strengthened leadership standing in the ASEAN, how will this propel Indonesia forward as a worldwide leader?

A: Last year's B20 and G20 conferences provided a platform for the country to address critical issues such as sustainable development and climate change. Indonesia's successful hosting demonstrated our potential to be a leading example.

Indonesia has targeted to achieve net-zero by 2060 and is committed to promoting sustainable practices with our abundant natural resources and dedication to green initiatives. To support this, Indika Energy puts itself as a private sector leader on the path to achieving Indonesia's net zero goals. As a company, Indika Energy has also committed to achieve net-zero by 2050. The private and public sectors of Indonesia have immense potential, working hand in hand, to steer ASEAN towards a future of environmental stewardship and sustainable growth.

Q: What are the key challenges and opportunities for Indonesia as it navigates this green transition, and how can both the private and public sectors collaborate effectively to overcome these hurdles?

A: The transition towards cleaner energy sources presents several challenges, including the need for substantial investments in infrastructure, technology, and human capital. Collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital to surmount these hurdles. The government can and is providing crucial policy support and incentives, creating an enabling environment for sustainable energy initiatives. Simultaneously, private entities like Indika Energy are contributing their own expertise, innovation, and investment towards developing and implementing an array of diversified sustainable energy projects. Together, these efforts can expedite the transition towards a cleaner energy landscape, while unlocking economic opportunities and ensuring energy security for Indonesia and the wider region.

Azis Armand is the Vice President Director and Group CEO of PT Indika Energy.

This article was first published on January 3, 2024