A National Professional: Adarsh Singh Is Rising As A Cricketer

Adarsh Singh

Being the outstanding cricketer that he is, Adarsh Singh has made a very prominent place in the hearts of people in not just Bihar but all over the country through his outstanding centuries that he made as #8. With so much more on his list for the future, Adarsh Singh is really striving to reach a goal which is extremely difficult but certainly attainable provided the efforts that he is putting in.

Coming from a very innovative background, Adarsh Singh has always dreamt about indulging in the field of real life rather than being good at school, it was just at the top of his priority list and he could not restrain himself from going all out. His family has always been very supportive of this fact, and the amount of effort his father has put in to motivate him every day is truly splendid.

According to Adarsh Singh, there were two other individuals that helped him to train, they were coach Robin and Gulrej Sir. Adarsh Singh does not really enjoy the activities related to maintaining a fit body, but with the help of these individuals, he was able to do that flawlessly, with a few hiccups on the way. He has a lot of talent, also a lot of vigour and enthusiasm to never give up on his dreams.

"Struggling a lot financially as well as emotionally has taught me that no one is going to remain by your side like you yourself and the people who love you as your own. My family is really very supportive, and I don't know how I would have been able to make it without their help." Says Adarsh Singh.

As he claimed in U 16 and U 19 matches, taking five wickets in zonal matches was not enough, Adarsh Singh even went as far as becoming quite the national hero. Adarsh Singh has very big dreams, and also has to put in the maximum without complaining and without company. This is certainly his Cup of tea, he has been doing it for years now. Grinding and grinding, and finally, he looks back and notices a legacy. How impressive!

With the aim of becoming a national player and representing India at that level, Adarsh Singh is not very far from his goal. Life might be tough, but he is tougher and he will face every situation with a bold attitude. There is certainly a lot that our generation can learn from here.