National Geographic reports UFO sighting near Kangaroo Island, Australia

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National Geographic, in their article published on their website, has indicated that Australia was visited by aliens in the 1960s. According to the website's report, a UFO was spotted on a radar over a Kangaroo island way back in 1969.

The memoirs of a radio technician

It was in August 1969 that Alan Potter, an amateur radio technician spotted something peculiar on the radar head while he was servicing a radar at the Adelaide airport.

While tracking a Fokker Friendship flying from Adelaide to Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, he stumbled upon a large unidentified flying object approaching from Port Lincoln. The shape of the flying object baffled Alan Potter, as he had never seen such an object in his career.

Upon further analysis, Potter saw a small object detached from the large object which flew in a line towards the Fokker plane. Later, the small object met the Fokker plane above the Rapid bay, and soon the small object returned to the larger one.

After seeing this mysterious sighting, Alan Potter believed that the small and large object might be UFOs from outer planets which were checking out the Fokker plane.

Australia: The hottest hub of UFO sightings

In 2004, Potter's weird experience was logged by the Australian UFO research network and they started investigating this incident. However, neither the passengers nor the pilots in the Fokker plane reported anything out of order during their journey.

Australia was considered the hottest hub of UFO sightings during the latter half of the 20th century. In the 1960s, several UFO sightings were reported in Adelaide alone, but most of these incidents went unexplained. As the number of sightings increased, conspiracy theorists in the country alleged that the government is aware of extraterrestrial life, and they are intentionally covering it up from the general public for unknown reasons.