National Coronavirus Lockdown Can Be Extended Into December If the Second Wave Does Not Stop in UK

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times claiming the lives of over 1.1 million people globally

The latest coronavirus or COVID-19 national lockdown can get extended if the virus is not brought under control within the next month, a senior Cabinet minister has stated. Michael Gove mentioned that if the R rate is not successfully below 1 by the end of the given lockdown period, December 2, the government will again be forced to extend the restrictions.

The Duchy of Lancaster stated that the decision will be taken on national interest and based on scientific evidence. He told Sky News, "We are going to review it on December 2 but we are always driven by what the data shows. On the basis of what we've been told, we believe all the measures we are putting into place will reduce the rate below 1."

COVID-19 in UK

UK Coronavirus
The U.K. is witnessing a surge in the number of Coronavirus cases Wikimedia Commons

But when asked if the country can be facing over a month of lockdown, he responded by saying yes. When asked if it can be extended Gove said that they are trying to bring down the rate of infection nationally and also regionally and if the rate comes down then measures can be reduced nationally and also nationally.

The former chief scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport stated that it is a possibility the lockdown can last longer than the first as the infection rate is unlikely to drop with the schools remaining open. "The lockdown this time is not as severe as it was the first time around. So, the only way to know is going to be to see how quickly the new cases start dropping. 'And of course, as we know, there's a lag between a case developing and then hospitalization, and then the terrible consequences of severe illness or death," he said as reported by Metro.

Walport said that it is not going to be the same as what happened during the first lockdown as more people are working now. The comments come after the prime minister made an announcement that England will go into the second lockdown this year on Thursday. Schools, universities, nurseries, and the essential shops are going to stay open. The people have been asked to 'stay at home'.

People have been asked to work from home. Johnson gave a confirmation that the furlough scheme is going to be extended for supporting businesses that must close, with the government paying 80 percent of the workers' salaries. The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times and an effective vaccine is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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