Nathanael Derek's Advice to Aspiring Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Nathanael Derek

Nathanael Derek has built a digital marketing company after years of honing his freelancing skills. His company shot to fame because of his effective marketing strategies that were way different from what his competitors had to offer. The success of his company led him to meet the love of his life, a world-ranked tennis player. In addition to finding love, the soaring popularity of his company also led him to become close friends with Tony Parker, the NBA Hall of Fame inductee. With so many accomplishments at such a young age, what does Nathanael say to aspiring digital marketers?

Never let failure get the better of you.

Nathanael speaks from experience when he says that failures are the pillars of success. He didn't become successful overnight. It was a tough road for him, mainly because he didn't receive any formal education in digital marketing. He said, "I always encourage new digital marketers never to be afraid of making mistakes. It's never easy to crack the code to success within a few days. You will come across new challenges, and it's the way you deal with them determines how prepared you are for the industry.

When I started providing digital marketing services, I was scared to fail. Imagine taking the responsibility of promoting a brand, and then you fall face first in your first attempt. But that didn't stop me from learning. Honestly, it was embarrassing to fail, but I knew that there would be instances where I had to overcome the failures and learn from them. It took time, but I did manage to learn from the mistakes I initially made. I would say that the biggest lesson you can learn is not to make the same mistake and just keep on growing."

Reaching out to your audience.

As a digital marketer, you want your audience to turn into leads by reaching out to them right after starting your business. Different digital marketing companies have different strategies to attract potential leads, but Nathanael took a different turn. He wasn't afraid of calling the big shots in the industry. Instead, he started by reaching out to social media influencers and celebrities.

In a recent interview, he said, "If I have the quality to provide the service you need, why shouldn't I try to attract people who have a huge fan base? I think it's the best way to know many people who might consider hiring you for their company. Moreover, there's no harm in giving it a shot. If you hit the bull's eye, your business will shoot to fame in no time. At least that's what happened to my company, and I would suggest that you try the same strategy if you start your own digital marketing company someday."

Nathanael even encourages new digital marketers to take some time out from their jobs and spend time with their families. He feels that maintaining a balance between work and personal life is also essential to succeeding.