Nat, One of the Biggest Twitter Promoters, Wants You to Follow Her Steps!


Today, the young generation is dreaming about working as an influencer, and most of them have taken it as a full-time job. For anyone to succeed in the world of influencers, you need to work hard and remain dedicated to impacting the industry. You also need to identify a unique niche and create content that will help you build a massive following that looks up to your insights and knowledge.

Nat, whose real identity is Nathalia Moura, has been a crypto influencer since 2020 and has managed to gain massive followers on her Twitter platform. Born in Brazil, Nat is a trader, analyst, marketing advisor, crypto lover, workaholic, and pet-friendly. She also doubles up as a professional designer and has been investing in crypto for the last five years.

Nat has gained significant experience and has risen to become one of the biggest Twitter promoters today. In fact, influencing has become her job full-time, and she is living her dream. She gets people into the crypto world by sharing the news about the hottest coins. She promotes small businesses, boosts followers, and gives money to people depending on their needs, and playtime. As a crypto promoter and marketing advisor, Nat has facilitated the development of thousands of projects and is very impressed that she managed to help many people during the pandemic.

Nat is a time-honored capitalist and the proud founder of ICONA Agency. The agency assists entrepreneurial-minded people access the skills required to succeed and make impeccable and resourceful connections in the business world. Nat co-founded ICONA together with Franco Cabrera in 2019. The agency is run by a team of twelve, and Nat is their head.

ICONA is well-known for developing an ecosystem of various company products and services from the formation stage to investment, creating profitable businesses by linking upcoming businesspeople. ICONA is a safe community for all and has no place for scammers. Their skilled team thoroughly evaluates all promoters before publicizing them and strives to confirm a clean reputation from both the agency and their clients.

With five years' experience, Nat is a great team leader who cooperates with promoters from different platforms and has gained considerable coverage and followers. Through her influencing expertise, she helps boost followers and offers businesses global coverage. Today, she has achieved remarkable milestones such as gaining over 50K followers and awarding $5K to a single winner.

Despite coming from a humble background full of life's challenges, Nat remained resilient and overcame all the odds. Today, she is enjoying the fruits of her dreams.

Through her famous quotes on Twitter, she encourages many people to remain positive and focused on life. One of her favorite quotes is, "You're struggling now, but it won't last forever, keep trying and surviving, you'll get there."

Nat's biggest dream is to keep assisting society as a promoter. She also looks forward to facilitating the acknowledgment and success of crypto projects in the coming years.

In conclusion, "I'm always proud to see that I helped them have a big launch and a big pump".