NASA warning: Three dangerous asteroids to whiz past earth soon, what are collision chances?

Asteroid 2006 SF6 has an estimated diameter of 2034 feet, and if it collides with the earth, massive devastation will be triggered on a regional scale

asteroid in a collision course
Representational image of asteroids approaching the earth Pixabay

NASA, the United States space agency has been busy tracking potentially dangerous near-earth objects (NEO) in the past few years. Now, the agency has spotted three potentially dangerous asteroids that are now heading towards the earth. As per the initial analysis, these rogue space bodies will whiz past the earth next week, and experts have already made it clear that the chances of a possible collision are nil if factors like the gravitational keyhole do not affect the approaching space rocks.

As per NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the first asteroid that will visit the earth's neighborhood has been identified 2019 UR2. This asteroid is currently screeching across space at a speed of 30,000 miles per hour.

Asteroid 2019 UR2 is expected to make its close flyby on November 18, 2019. During its close approach, this asteroid measuring 721 feet will be almost 4.3 million miles away from the earth's surface.

The second asteroid which is being currently tracked by NASA is 2019 UK6. This asteroid has an estimated diameter of 361 feet, and it is currently traveling across space at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour. This asteroid will whiz past Earth on November 20, 2019, and at this time, this rogue space body will be 3.7 million miles away from the planet's center.

On November 20, 2019, another asteroid named 2006 SF6, which has an estimated diameter of 2,034 feet will whiz past the earth. Considering its giant size, a possible collision with the earth will unleash chaos on the planet at least on a regional scale. This asteroid is currently moving across space at a breathtaking speed of 18,000 miles per hour.

This asteroid will be almost 2.6 million miles away from the earth during its close approach, and experts claim that the chances of 2006 SF6 hitting the earth is very low. However, a small change in trajectory could result in a mid-air explosion, and if it happens, it will result in considerable structural damage and casualties in the affected area.

This article was first published on November 15, 2019
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