NASA releases playlist of creepy space sounds for Halloween 2017

As a part of Halloween, NASA has released the playlist of Universe's spooky sounds

NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097 a Seyfert galaxy
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Many people believe that our space is silent, but NASA has proved it wrong by releasing a spooky playlist comprising of the universe's sounds. The soundtrack was released as a part of NASA's Halloween celebration, and the list contains sounds captured by various satellites and spacecrafts while traveling through the universe.

The spooky vibration of the Space

Even though one might feel that space is silent, it is vibrating continuously with a wide range of electromagnetic waves. These waves can be transformed to soundwaves and can be heard through speakers.

The newly released NASA playlist consists of 22 soundtracks, and it includes the spooky voice created when the Juno spacecraft approached Jupiter. The unsettling whine produced from the Inter-stellar medium captured by Voyager 1 will provide a creepy feel to the listeners. The soundtrack also includes Cassini's eerie hits and the freaking sounds produced by Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon.

The most creepy sounds from Ganymede

The sound from Jupiter's Largest Moon Ganymede was captured by the Galileo spacecraft when it made a close flyby in 1996. During the close flyby, the spacecraft captured the radio signals from the moon's magnetosphere with the help of the probe's Plasma Wave Experiment instrument. Data Sonification is the method used by experts to convert radio signals into sounds. This track is named 'Beware of Jupiter's Largest Moon Ganymede' by NASA.

The Ganymede soundtrack includes a strong burst of noise created when the satellite enters the moon's magnetosphere. Later, a high pitch of this sound can be heard, and it literally resembles the voices we used to hear in space video games.

NASA has uploaded these 22 tracks on Soundcloud as a part of honoring Halloween. The soundtracks are receiving positive reviews from the general public, and people are lauding the world's leading space agency for providing them an unprecedented horrifying experience.

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