NASA astronaut Christina Koch's reunion with her dog after 328 days is adorable [VIDEO]

The 29-second clip, shared by Christina Koch on Twitter, has gone viral with over 4.2 million views within a day

NASA astronaut Christina Koch meets her dog after a year
Video of NASA astronaut Christina Koch's reunion with her dog after 328 days goes viral. Christina Koch/Twitter

Pets, especially dogs are said to be man's best friend for being affectionate, loyal and always showing unconditional love to their owners. When NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth after spending 328 days in space, little did she know about the surprise awaiting at her home in Texas.

The precious moments of her reunion with her pet dog were captured. In the video, her dog is seen madly scratching the door soon after seeing Koch and her husband Robert Koch approaching their home. She was then greeted by her super thrilled pet, who was at the peak of excitement with it was jumping with joy and swaying its tail enthusiastically.

Christina's pet's name is LBD

Reports suggest that the pet's name is LBD, which stands for 'Little Brown Dog' and she adopted the canine from the humane society. Soon after Koch shared the 29-second clip on social media with the caption, "Not sure who was more excited. Glad she remembers me after a year!", it went viral in no time. The video shared online on February 14, 2020, has been viewed over 4.2 million times, at the time of reporting. The adorable reaction of the dog has also left many netizens teary-eyed.

"Absolutely made my day!," commented a Twitterati. Meanwhile, NASA, through its official Twitter handle, has also responded to the video with a GIF image. Meanwhile, Koch, who launched to the International Space Station on March 14, 2019, now holds the record for the longest single continuous stay in space for a woman. She also participated in the first all-female spacewalk in October 2019 and returned to Earth on February 6, 2020.

"This journey has been everyone's journey. Thank you to all involved in the success of our mission, and for giving me the opportunity to carry everyone's dreams into space. I'm filled with gratitude to be back on the planet!," Koch tweeted after returning to the Earth.

Watch the adorable video here: