NASA asteroid warning: Dangerous space rock can potentially impact Earth within three years

NASA revealed that this dangerous asteroid named 2009 JF1 is currently screeching across space at a speed of 53,500 miles per hour

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NASA, the United States space agency, has warned that an asteroid named 2009 JF1 has a slim chance of colliding with Earth on May 06, 2022. If this rogue space body hits Earth, it could unleash an energy equivalent to 230 kilotons of TNT, and it will be capable of triggering devastation at least on a regional scale.

It should be noted that the atomic bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima during World War II unleashed the energy of 15 kilotons, and this single fact points to the dangers that may happen during a potential collision with JF1.

As per NASA, there is a one in 3,800 odds the asteroid will hit Earth in the expected date mentioned above. It means there is a 0.026 percent chance of impact, and in other words, there is a 99.974 percent chance that the asteroid will miss the earth. Scientists calculated the odds of a collision after analyzing 25 orbital observations made between May 4 and May 5, reports.

Astronomers discovered this asteroid measuring 130 meters in diameter around ten years ago. Scientists have classified this space rock as a near-earth object (NEO), which means it orbits the Sun close to the earth. As per the current analysis, this dangerous space rock is apparently screeching across space at a neck-breaking speed of 53,500 miles per hour.

At the time of a possible impact, the asteroid will be traveling at a speed of about 59,032 miles per hour, and a probable collision at such a mindblowing speed could surely unleash chaos on the planet. The space agency also speculates that this monstrous space rock has a weight of 28,00,000 kilograms.

As dangers surrounding dreaded asteroid from deep space looms up, NASA is busy developing their planetary defense weapon to protect the planet. The space agency has apparently teamed up with Elon Musk to complete this mission, and recently the South African billionaire who heads SpaceX had called this project 'Armageddon'.

However, some space experts believe that nuking the asteroids will be the only option left for the space agency if an asteroid gets detected in the last moment. But nuking has its own risks, as it will trigger a radioactive rain on the planet.

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