NASA admits original tape of Apollo 11 moon landing erased but restored

Moon landing
Moon landing Pixabay

US space agency has admitted for the first time that the original recordings of the first human landing on the moon 40 years ago were erased and it is currently using restored copies broadcast on private channels. The engineer in-charge of locating the original tape is still working on it.

Surprisingly, what NASA admitted is what has been claimed by conspiracy theorists for decades that the entire moon-landing was stage-managed in a studio or a secret military site. The famous original NASA image shows Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin standing on the Moon, next to their vehicle Eagle on July 20, 1969. See the restored image below:

The mission also carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, the Mission Commander and the first man to step on the Moon, and Michael Collins, who was the pilot of the Command Module. Aldrin was the Lunar Module Pilot and the popular photograph was taken by Armstrong.

NASA has used the services of Burbank, a California-based Lowry Digital firm that works for Hollywood and said the new tape will be released in September, while the preview is made available at Earlier, in 2006, NASA had admitted for the first time its original video recordings of the July 20, 1969, landing were not traced.

The engineer on the job of locating them, Richard Nafzger, is still searching for it at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. In its latest version, NASA says that the tape has been found and was magnetically erased and re-used. On his part, Nafzger has refuted the argument of conspiracy theorists who believe that the entire moon landing was a hoax.

"The conspiracy theorists are going to believe what they are going to believe," said Lowry Digital CEO Mike Inchalik, while Nafzger said, "these tapes are not in the system. We are certainly open to finding them."

The original NASA file image shows Apollo 11 U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin standing on the Moon, next to the Lunar Module "Eagle" (R), July 20, 1969. Apollo 11 was launched forty years ago today on July 16, 1969, and carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.

A few days back, Marcus Allen, the publisher of Nexus Magazine that examines conspiracy theories has reiterated that NASA had fooled the general public by faking the moon landing. Allen made these comments after analyzing the images of Buzz Aldrin, released by the United Space agency. In one of the images, Buzz Aldrin can be seen climbing down a ladder from the lunar module. In the image, the right foot of Aldrin can be seen hovering over the top step, while the left foot was pointed backward.

Aldrin NASA

Marcus Allen who is also a photography expert revealed that the picture of Aldrin from the lunar surface clearly indicates that he breaks the law of climbing up or down.

"A very basic rule of mountaineering and rock climbing is always to have three points of contact before making any movement. Aldrin only has two. That would be considered dangerous on any mountain, let alone on the Moon, where a fall from 10 feet could prove life-threatening with no possibility of rescue," said Marcus Allen, reports.

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