Naomi Irion: 18-Year-Old Nevada Woman Found Dead at Gravesite in Churchill County

The body of the 18-year-old Nevada woman, Naomi Irion, was found at a gravesite in Churchill Country on Tuesday, sending shock waves across the people.

Naomi was abducted by a man from the parking lot of a Walmart store in Fernley, 30 miles east of Reno, Nevada on March 12 at 5am by Troy Driver (41). Troy was arrested last week and charged with first-degree kidnapping in connection to Irion's disappearance.

Naomi Irion found dead

It is pertinent to mention that Driver had been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment pertaining to a California murder case dating back to 1997.

What Was The Motive Behind Irion's Murder?

According to a news report carried in New York Post, the cops had followed a tip regarding the woman's disappearance that led them to a possible gravesite in Churchill County where a body was found, officials said.

On Wednesday, the human remains "were confirmed as those of Naomi Irion," the Churchill County Sheriff's Office said, adding that the investigation was ongoing. There is no word on the motive behind Irion's murder.

It is noteworthy that a large number of people from cross-section of society had extended support to the cops to help them find the abducted woman.

Irion having lived in different countries with her family had moved from South Africa to Nevada last August and was living with her brother, Casey Valley, in Nevada.

On the fateful morning of March 12, Irion parked her car in a Walmart parking lot, waiting to catch an employee bus to her job at a Panasonic factory, when she was abducted.

Social media users are condemning the heinous crime and demanding a harsh punishment for the accused.

A twitter user expressing anger wrote, "Remains of Naomi Irion, 18, are found in remote area of Nevada, just hours after her maggot kidnapper/murderer appeared in court POS MAGGOT If it was up to me. You would be hung by morning~ R.I.P. Naomi, although I no you won't~"

Another saddened twitter user shared, "Remains of kidnapped Naomi Irion are found in remote area of Nevada via @MailOnline. I was praying for a different result. So senseless."