Nam Tae Hyun invites participants for his band on Tumblr

Nam Tae Hyun was asked to leave WINNER and YG Entertainment in November.

Nam Tae Hyun
YG had announced Nam Tae Hyun's departure from WINNER Instagram/souththth

Nam Tae Hyun is all set to create his own band. The former member of South Korean boy band WINNER has asked people to apply for various positions.

The announcement on his Tumblr read: "(Band) Recruiting male instrumentalists."

The post read: "Please e-mail me only if you can play guitar, drum, bass, or piano. Please include a short introduction, a clip of you playing your instrument, and a photo (these three are required). It's the best if you play the songs on my SoundCloud, but it's good if you perform something you want to. I am not recruiting outside of those four instruments. Please write your form in Korean. I will reply after looking over your application. This project may be terminated at any time.".

Tae Hyun was asked to leave WINNER and YG Entertainment in November. A statement from the label read: "After lengthy discussions with Nam Tae Hyun it was judged that it would be difficult for him to continue activities through WINNER. His exclusive contract got cancelled on November 18."

The note added: "The remaining members made his health and recovery the priority and hoped for improvement, but it's difficult to say when he will recover and return because it's a psychological issue he has dealt with since he was young. Although Nam Tae Hyun cannot be with WINNER now, we hope that they will be colleagues who support each other's future individual music activities. WINNER will not gain a new member and will remain as a 4-member group. We ask for a lot of support four members of WINNER who will make a new start and for Nam Tae Hyun."