Nam Ji Hyun to share screen space with Lee Joon Hyuk in upcoming Kdrama

The new Korean drama, titled 365: A Year of Defying Fate, is expected to premiere on MBC in the first half of 2020

Nam Ji Hyun will be returning to the small screen with a new Korean drama (Kdrama) next year. In the mini-series titled 365: A Year of Defying Fate. She will be sharing screen space with Lee Joon Hyuk. This will be the first work of the two together.

The romantic fantasy thriller will focus on the life of a webtoon artist named Shin Ga Hyun and her relationship with a detective named Ji Hyung Joo. While Ga Hyun is described as a hard-working and ambitious person, Hyung Joo is described as a talented and easy-going young man. Love for webtoons brings them together.

Nam Ji Hyun as a webtoon artist

Ji Hyun's character, Ga Hyun, is portrayed as a sensitive perfectionist in the MBC show. She is popular among webtoon readers for her latest work Hidden Killer. Although she gained a lot of popularity and considerable wealth through her work, she continues to work hard for the series until her life takes an unexpected turn in the story. The character meets with an accident and she decides to reset her life by travelling back in time for a year.

Nam Ji Hyun and Lee Joon Hyuk
Nam Ji Hyun and Lee Joon Hyuk will portray lead roles in upcoming MBC drama. Instagram/Nam Ji Hyun, Facebook/Lee Joon Hyuk

Lee Joon Hyuk as a detective in MBC drama

Joon Hyuk's character, Hyung Joo, works in the violent crimes division. He was a traffic police who gets promoted after arresting a wanted criminal. The character enjoys his work and loves reading webtoons. Though he gets super-excited to go back in time for a year and change his destiny, several mysterious events that take place in between change his life.


Kdrama lovers can expect to see some interesting characters in the mini-series as the plot reveals that it will mainly focus on 10 people who go back in time to change their fate. Their fates get twisted and changed when they run into some kind of unexpected and mysterious situations.

Release date

The mini-series is directed by Kim Kyung Hee of Lucky Romance fame and is expected to premiere on MBC in the first half of 2020.