South Korean actress Nam Ji Hyun is excited for her role in upcoming drama, Shopping King Louie. The 21-year-old plays the female lead in the MBC series.

During a press conference, Ji Hyun talked about her big opportunity. She said: "Since I'm at the time where I'm moving on from being a child actor to an adult actor, I get many questions about how I feel regarding this."

She added: "When I was a child actor I had to take on the first eight episodes at most, but now I have to take on about 16 episode from beginning to end. At first I thought I would feel a lot of pressure about my first lead role but I became at ease because the director said, 'Let's just have fun filming.'"

Ji Hyun concluded: "Now I don't feel much pressure and I'm enjoying filming. I'm not worrying about the possibility of poor ratings right now."

The actress revealed her co-star Seo In Guk made her feel comfortable throughout the shoot. She said: "Seo In Guk oppa and I have an eight-year age difference but he was friendly and comfortable from the beginning, so it wasn't awkward. He is really social, so there was no burden in approaching him and acting [with him] became more comfortable with time as well."

Shopping King Louie will air its first episode on 21 September.