Naked Sienna Mae Straddled Jack Wright, Did 'Things' to Him; TikToker Details Sexual Abuse in New Video

Months after accusing his ex-girlfriend Sienna Mae Gomez of sexually assaulting him, TikToker Jack Wright posted a video detailing the abuse. Gomez, who remained off the social media following the scandal, had posted a video in July last year denying the allegations of sexual assault.

Stating that he doesn't think he'll ever be the same person he was before Sienna, the TikToker said, "It sucks and there's going to be people that try to take advantage of you and get you at your most vulnerable state. And that's not fair. That's not fair at all."

Jack Wright
TikToker Jack Wright released a video titled, "What Sienna Mae Did to Me.' You Tube Grab

Gomez Abused Wright When He was Passed Out on a Couch

In the 17-minute video Wright spoke about his ordeal. Recalling an incident, the 18-year-old said one of his friends came out with a video which showed him passed out on a couch and Gomez on top of him.

"When I was at a party, passed out on a couch. Then they told me what happened. They said they pulled her off of me. She got into arguments them. My friends told her that you cannot do that. Jack doesn't like you like that," he said in the video. reported that Wright described a pattern of his ex-girlfriend of "breaking into [his] house," with Wright waking up to "her hand in his pants."

"It was just normal for me. Part of me wants to blame myself for being nice and sticking around after so many, so many times. But now I realized I was stuck in this manipulative cycle of her acting like she extremely cared about me, and that night, she would do stuff to me," he said in the video.

Talking about another incident, Wright said it happened right after Gomez shot filmed one of her videos. "I was chilling on the bed. She got completely naked and nothing on. She straddled me. I didn't knew what to do in the situation it was random and weird. Quickly I told her "Sienna get off of me, We are just friends."

"She was doing like a bunch of things to me. I kept on saying 'Sienna stop get off.' I didn't want to get aggressive and hurt her. So I pulled her off of me. It took couple of tries. I went out of the room and that was the end of it."

Twitter Reacts To the New Video

The video sparked a lot of anger against Gomez on social media. "sienna mae is disgusting. i just watched jack's video and my heart absolutely broke. and the fact that she did this to other people as well is evil. no one should ever have to go through that," tweeted a user.

"Just finished watching Jack Wright's video, I knew I disliked Sienna Mae from the very start for a good reason. Literally so disgusting & vile!! It's sad that people still don't take male SA as seriously as they would if it were a woman," wrote another.

"Sienna Mae's "evidence" video is actually so fucking ridiculous, it's literally just pictures of them together and she's like SEE DIDNT SA YOU ????? Fuckin DUMB ASS PYSCHOPATH," read another tweet.