Najim Mollou Is Rising To The Top In the Music Industry

Najim Mollou

Najim Mollou was always very hard working. Especially when it came to following his passion and doing what he loved. He always believed that if one enjoys doing something, then nobody can stop them from achieving their goals. As Najim loved making music, he began his journey to transform his passion into a career.

Najim started his journey by listening to different types of music. He completely dived in the world of music and listened to everything he came across, no matter what the genre was. He not only went for popular music on the charts but also listened to artists who were not that famous. As Najim wanted to expand his knowledge and understanding, he explored and questioned everything he could find.

Once Najim started making his own music, he practiced everything multiple times to make sure he was doing his best. He spent days and nights trapped inside the studio to work on his pitch. Even while recording, Najim would practice as many times as he could just to make sure that he was giving 100%. Every time someone negatively commented on his approach, he would sit back and reflect on his music checking where he went wrong. This way he knew he would be able to win the hearts of as many fans as possible.

However, the most important part of Najim's journey of music was his motive. He never entered the industry with the intention of earning money or getting fame. Instead, he was passionate about music. He believed in himself as a musician and wanted to do what he loved. Moreover, he cared for his fans. He wanted to serve the world what music got him. Just like music was a source of expression and comfort for Najim, he wanted it to be the same for his fans. He wanted to be a source of inspiration for anyone struggling in their journey. Thus, Najim's intentions were pure. This motive made it easier for him to perform with all of his heart and as a result, he was able to achieve his desired goals in no time.