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Stephen Nzurum

In the digitalized generation where people start and end their day with their phones, they eventually tend to know and excavate news of the world through their screens. Introducing Naijavibe, which is an entertainment and pop culture website, established officially on the 12th of September, 2012 by the website's editor-in-chief, Stephen Nzurum. Here, Naijavibe is a platform that aims at offering its clients the best and latest updates on the market when it comes to the entertainment industry, both in Nigeria and well beyond that.

Stephen Nzurum, who is a record producer and a digital entrepreneur hailing from Nigeria, launched the website called NaijaVibe. Being an artist himself, Stephen understands the importance of staying connected with news of events and their favorite celebrities. He realized that people in his country want to be updated with the news of the entertainment genre but after some online prowling, came to the conclusion that there is not a single trusted source available to believe the news and thereby is on his way to provide all that is in his capacity.

Naijavibe also offers social media marketing and web promotion services to its subscribers. It is the strategy of hard work blended with smart work that helps them continue to give good results. It is a platform where people promote their business and even themselves and further get a perfect and expected response.

With various things happening all around the world, where people are opening up about their interests and putting efforts to reach out to the maximum of the population, both in and outside the country, NaijaVibe helps people to learn about the latest information of all sorts of shows, concerts, beauty and fashion, celebrity news, movies, music, and many others stuff that are popular and also that stuff that is often unrecognized. As of now, NaijaVibe supports more than 1.5 million active readers and as extras, has held several music events and celebratory organizations such as the NaijaVibe color riot pool party. This is a fantastic platform for people mainly millennials, who want to stay updated on the most trendy and recent news so that there are not left behind in the fiery debates and arguments. It is always helping users with creative ideas and amazing features all the time. It is created to provide the ultimate of its service to its users and is not failing to impress the users.

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