N.Sonic's J.Heart reveals reason for disappearance on Instagram

N.Sonic members had abruptly cut off contacts from their management agency, C2K Entertainment.

N.Sonic's leader J.Heart has opened up after shockingly cutting off communication with their agency. The boy band members had reportedly returned to Korea on 9 May after wrapping up concerts in Japan and had stopped responding to their management agency, C2K Entertainment.

J.Heart shared an emotional message and a short video on his Instagram. He wrote: "First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to our loving fans for hurting you through unpleasant news. As one who won't be able to see you for two years, I thought it wouldn't be right to just disappear without a word and, because I know how much you are worrying, I decided to post this message after long, hard consideration."

"We are even more sorry, not just to the Korean fans, but also the international fans who made it out to our fan meetings since we know how much you have been waiting for N.Sonic. We sincerely and deeply apologize. Although I can't tell you specifically why these things have happened, it pains me that things turned out like this as we have to leave for a while now. We ask for your continued encouragement and interest in the N.Sonic members," he added.

J.Heart continued: "The reason we were able to start despite difficult circumstances and hang on was because of you, Super Sonic. We know as well as anyone that, if it weren't for you, we would not be here. If you say it is the end, that's what it will be. But I believe it will become a new beginning if that is what we say. Thank you so much for being our fans... for always being there for us. And we love you."