Mystery continues: Earth's north magnetic pole moving towards Siberia

Solar system
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Earth's magnetic north pole, the most reliable friend of navigators have been moving towards Siberia at a rate of around 34 miles per year over the past few years. Experts believe that the fast drifting of the north magnetic pole could create serious problems for smartphones and current navigation systems in the coming years.

Even though the north magnetic pole has been drifting since the 1830s, its movement has been increased over the past few years and it has compelled scientists to update the World Magnetic Model widely used by civilian navigation systems. It should be noted that the update was originally scheduled after an year, but the unexpectedly speedy pole shifting demanded a quick update.

"Due to unplanned variations in the Arctic region, scientists have released a new model to more accurately represent the change of the magnetic field between 2015 and now," said the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Centers for Environmental Information in a recent press release.

Usually, the magnetic model gets updated every five years and the last one was carried out in 2015. The American agency revealed that the early update was carried out to ensure safe navigation for military applications, commercial airlines, search and rescue operations, as well as other activities which are being operated around the north magnetic pole.

Ciaran Beggan, a geophysicist at the British Geological Survey, which creates the map with the NOAA told CNN that the speedy magnetic pole drift is caused by processes deep inside the earth. The expert revealed that the earth's magnetic field is created in its liquid outer core and it is made of liquid iron and nickel.

"As it flows it creates an electronic current and that currently makes a magnetic field -- which drifts with the hot runny core," told Ciaran Beggan.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started putting forward bizarre theories to explain earth's north magnetic pole shifting. As per these conspiracy theorists, a rogue planet named 'Planet X' alias Nibiru is in its collision course towards the earth, and it is causing the unexpected pole shifting.