Mystery box marketplace Lootie is conquering the ecommerce industry

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The world of online shopping has changed drastically over the last few years, and in the face of the recent pandemic, online stores have enjoyed a massive uptick in consumer engagement. Since people are unable to visit stores in-person, they have resorted to doing most of their shopping online. An undeniable axiom of the online world is that there are a lot less sights, smells, and senses involved. That sense of childlike nostalgia of roaming down the store aisles, picking out things at whim -- it has been erased by the advent of lockdowns across various countries. Most people are now buying their essentials online. It has become somewhat of a boring, monotonous rut for many people. In fact, this isn't entirely cordoned off to the domain of shopping -- it has expanded into life in general.

Several people like students and non-essential workers now have to work remotely, and rarely get the chance to leave their house. Life has become predictable and boring -- Zoom calls, food, more Zoom calls, bed time. Put going out for a fun day at the mall aside -- people's lives in the post-COVID era have certainly become more boring and lacking. Reports and studies worldwide show that people tend to become more depressed and bored during the lockdown as they are cooped up in their house with barely anything fun to do. It's important to bring people's enthusiasm back, whether it be in the realm of online shopping, or anything else. Stagnation and boredom can be a silent but deadly killer.

Thinking about the concept of the mystery box helps us understand how people can bring excitement back into the picture whilst shopping. A mystery box can be purchased online, and you don't know exactly what's inside it before buying -- you are only told the possible range of items. The actual item could be anything; it could even be something extremely rare/coveted that you weren't expecting. That's what makes it a mystery -- what will come to your doorstep is a total surprise. Things like this are exactly what we need in these trying times, since they help alleviate boredom. In fact, the concept is taken to a higher level by sites like Lootie -- mystery box online shopping can be super rewarding & thrilling. In a way, it is a silver lining, since purchasing mystery boxes is often a lot more fun than actually going to a store and picking out things yourself. Other than the fact that it's a great way to have fun, there are other perks to getting mystery boxes too: you no longer need to make hard shopping decisions, nor do you need to fork over large amounts of cash for rare items.

Lootie is a mystery box online site, but it has several things that have made it rise to the top of the Best mystery box sites. Lootie sells a myriad of official mystery boxes, including but not limited to Hyperbeats mystery box, Shoe mystery box, Apple Mystery box, Gaming mystery box, Supreme box logo, Yeezy box, Off White Box, and more. Their partnership with multiple high-end brands allows you to shop for all of these things from a single unified location -- no need to hop from site to site trying to purchase the same thing. Lootie even has mixed boxes, so if you can't decide what exactly you want to buy, you can let a mystery box make the decision for you. It's things like this that set Lootie apart from its competition, making it the ultimate best choice for consumers in the market for anything related to streetwear, fashion, or tech.

Unlike many mystery box sites on the market, Lootie is extremely trusted. It has over 1 million registered customers and has become the fastest-growing eCommerce platform on the Internet. It's a leading platform in the sneaker and streetwear industry. Since it has verified partners like StockX to check the authenticity of every product that gets shipped, you can rest assured that everything you purchase on Lootie will come in perfect condition -- no exceptions. All of this has resulted in a high 4.8 stars rating on Trustpilot, further reinforcing Lootie's place in the top echelon of eCommerce and online shopping platforms.

Times are rough, but it doesn't mean you can't bring excitement back into the shopping experience from home. Lootie bridges the gap between eCommerce and thrill. Finally, there's a way to shop online that is both fun and truly trusted, since every product is completely verified. To top it all off, Lootie provides their own shipping guarantee: everything you receive shall be authentic, as-advertised, undamaged, and not defective, else you get a full refund! Lootie has put the power back in the hands of the people, giving them freedom, access to world markets, a thrilling shopping experience, and the integration of real trust. It's a complete paradigm shift, and a site like this hasn't been seen on the Internet in a long time. It's a shopper's dream come true, and you certainly don't want to miss it. Make an account on to get started.

This article was first published on December 10, 2020