Mysterious square cloud spotted in sky adding heat to weather control conspiracy theories [VIDEO]

Cloud formations
Cloud formations Screengrab from YouTube (Representational image)

A mysterious cloud reportedly spotted above Arizona has sent conspiracy theorists to a state of frenzy, as they believe this perfectly square-shaped cloud is an authentic proof of a top-secret US weather control program. The video features a massive cloud which is perfectly cut to the shape of a square spanning across much of the sky. When the camera pans around, the cloud seems to have perfect corners cut in 90 degrees which gives it the shape of a square.

The video of the square cloud soon went viral on social media platforms like Facebook, and people started suggesting various theories to explain the weird phenomenon.

Is the weather being controlled?

Most of the people who saw the video claimed that it is the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research (HAARP) behind this werid phenomenon. The project initiated as an ionospheric research program is jointly funded by the US Navy and US Airforce. However, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that this project is carried out by the US government to control weather events. Many conspiracy theorists claim that HAARP is basically a military weapon, and it has the capability of triggering extreme weather events like floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Apart from conspiracy theorists, some eminent world leaders have also talked controversially about HAARP in the past. Venezuelan leader Huge Chaves has previously alleged that HAARP was involved in triggering tremors in Haiti in 2010.

Project Blue Beam or a natural phenomenon?

Another group of conspiracy theorists argues that the square-shaped cloud was created by authorities to hide something deadly happening in the skies. Some even claimed that these clouds are the visible example of Project Blue Beam.

However, experts say that square clouds are a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing controversial about it.

The news of the square cloud sighting comes just days after a conspiracy theorist posted a video of UFOs battling in the skies near Area 51.