Iran: Mysterious Second Explosion Kills 13 in Tehran Days After Blast As Bright As Sun [Video]

  • Many of those killed were patients, who got trapped inside upper floors of the Sina hospital

  • This is the second massive explosion that has rocked Iran in less than a week.

Less than a week since a major explosion at an Iranian defense ministry complex near Pardis in Tehran, another explosion was reported in a medical facility in Iran on Tuesday evening. The mysterious explosion last week had raised concerns about a possible nuclear incident.

According to sources, the massive explosion took place at around 8.30 pm (local time) at the Sina Athar Medical facility. The blast took place in the underground levels of the Sina hospital.

Local reports claimed that the massive blast was followed by a raging inferno. Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency claimed that at least 13 people died and six were injured in the explosion,

The gas cylinders in the basement of the hospital caught fire and exploded, ISNA reported. Several of the dead are patients who got trapped in the upper floors of the Sina Athar Medical facility.

Tehran explosion

Firefighters and emergency services were rushed to the scene. At least ten of the dead are women, it was reported.

The videos of the raging inferno and blast that took place in Tajrish, an affluent district in north Tehran, are being shared widely on social media.

There claims on social media that the Sina hospital facility which is mainly used for conducting MRIs and CT scans is a Chinese medical facility.

Tehran blast video

Second massive explosion in less than a week

This is the second explosion that has taken place in less than a week. On June 26, a massive explosion was heard near Tehran. The explosion was loud and the massive blast lit up the sky in bright red, local reports had said.

The mysterious blast that was quickly hushed up by the Iranian regime had left the Iranians who are already reeling under the economic crisis concerned that the Mullah government could be hiding something.

Iranian officials had claimed that it was an explosion at a gas storage facility and had called it a minor accident as no one was harmed. Social media videos showed that a small pipe had burst open and exploded.

However, there were speculations that the glowing bright explosion was the result of an accident a defense site belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and missiles.

There were also suggestions that the blast took place at a nuclear military facility and the explosion affected the villages located near the facility.