Mysterious creature found in Liverpool; Pre-historic river monster or marine animal?

River Mersey
River Mersey Reuters

A mysterious dead creature, with fangs and black spikes, was found on Thursday afternoon on the banks of North West of England's River Mersey. Though the identification of the bizarre monster has not been done yet, some experts claimed that it could be a dolphin, porpoise or just a large fish.

Scientists said that the creature, which has washed asore the river banks, was found badly decomposed and probably died a long time ago.

A window cleaner Sean Hall said when he was walking with a colleague on Thursday, he found the mysterious animal. He added that the creature had fangs and its skin felt slimy to touch. The unknown creature reminded him of pre-historic river monsters.

Sean told Liverpool Echo that when he and his friend first came across the creature they assumed that it could be a seal and then they got closer to have a closer look. They thought that the creature could be in trouble, so wanted to help it back to the sea. But when Sean and his friend analysed it closely, they found that the weird creature was already dead.

In addition, the 28-year-old Sean said that the creature did not even look like it had eyes, which was an extremely strange phenomenon.

He tried to call several animal charities to identify the mysterious animal, but none of them gave a positive response. However, when the experts saw the pictures of the creature, they were shocked and puzzled.

A lecturer in marine biology at the University of Liverpool, Dr Leonie Robinson said that since the animal was found in a bad condition, most of its identifying features have been lost already. He mentioned that based on the images, it could be anything from a porpoise to a large fish.

Dr Robinson also stated that the creature must have died a long time ago, as its head has rotten up to its jawbone.

An expert from Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), which specialises in animal rescue & furthering the welfare cause for all animals, has said that most probably the unknown creature has a link to the widely distributed and diverse clade of aquatic mammals, 'Cetacean', which includes dolphins and porpoises.

However, RSPCA has forwarded the details of the creature to the local council, who are responsible for the disposal of dead animals and the Cetacean Strandings Incident Scheme (CSIP) who are responsible for investigating such cases.