Mysterious Blue Dots Painted Outside Homes of Joe Biden Supporters in California

The police mentioned that they are currently investigating the matter after a number of residents called the cops

The residents of a city in California stated that they felt threatened after mysterious blue dots were spotted outside their homes, which displayed the signs of supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The police mentioned that they are investigating after a number of dots were painted with spray on the roads in from the Roseville homes of people supporting the democrat presidential candidate just days ahead of the election.

"It's pretty creepy," Adam Quilici, who lives in Roseville said as reported by KCRA. "I feel targeted and intimidated a little bit. It just seems like it's not OK." Quilici gave a description of how one of the neighbors told him about the blue dots on Sunday. "The houses that were targeted have Biden-Harris signs in front of them—every single one. There aren't any blue dots anywhere where there are not those signs present," he said.

Blue Dots Spotted Outside Homes in California

Blue Dots Outside Homes in California
Blue Dots Outside Homes in California YouTube Grab/CBS Sacramento

Ouilici stated that he called the cops about the blue dots, who got many calls about them from other residents also. "They followed up with a phone call saying, 'Yes, we believe everything you're saying is true,'" he mentioned. Quilici stated that they wanted to make sure that it was not a water line or a utility thing.

The residents believe that the dots got painted sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. None of the signs backing Biden and Harris were removed from outside their homes. Quilici stated that it was like a message and he is not OK with it. Another neighbor said, "At first I was scared and extremely upset, and then I just got angry, and now I'm just angry and it just makes me more determined to keep my signs up," as reported by CBS 13.

They have been removed after it got reported. The state of California where Biden is leading with a good margin has been seen as a state that the Democrat candidate was supposed to win. It will be interesting to see what happens in the presidential election this time around.

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