Mysterious air raid siren goes off in East London, purpose still unknown

  • People in East London reported hearing air raid sirens

  • No one knows the purpose and where it came from

People in East London reported to have heard noise of air raid siren on Wednesday morning. It was not established the purpose of the noise and where it came from so far. Residents living across Tower Helmets, Bow and Poplar heard the air siren but the local authority of Tower Helmets has not given any clarification yet.

Many people initially thought that authorities were testing air raid siren in East London. But according to a news report in The Independent, nobody is aware of any tests or incidents what it could be, said Chris Humphreys, council spokesperson.

Hearing the siren shortly before 12pm, people took to Twitter to question why it was there. It was reportedly heard by people in Tower Bridge and two kilometres east of Poplar.

London Bridge
Twitter grab

In a similar case back in 2015, Daily Mail reported that mysterious sound of air raid siren was frequently heard waking up hundreds of people in Swansea. Residents in Swansea were hearing the sound for more than a year.

How Twitterati reacted?

Several twitter users started discussing if anyone else heard the loud siren go off. "Did anyone else hear that loud siren go off in East London," Mark Lewis asked on twitter.

"Definitely just heard an air raid siren going off from East London. Sigh," Aaron Foster confirmed.

Another noted, "Air raid siren in London today around midday! Anyone knows why?!"

English YouTube personality, Paul Joseph Wats also noticed and tweeted the video in which noise can be heard taken by another twitter user called Fraser.

"Why has there been an air raid siren around east London about 10 minutes ago??!" one Twitter user asked, while another said:"Fantastic timing to test the air raid siren East London.. come on lads .. it was a test wasn't it.."

Even Historian Dr Charlotte Riley inquired whether anyone in east London heard "a siren of some sort."

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