Myra Fordham, Australia's #1 Trauma Coach Helps Women Heal Their Trauma After Surviving Crippling Domestic Abuse

Myra Fordham

A traumatic past event undoubtedly takes an extreme toll on one's life, no matter the severity. The mental and emotional aspects of trauma profoundly impact one's day-to-day life. Some may ultimately remain a victim of their past and find it difficult to get back on the saddle to continue achieving their goals, and sadly, some may not survive at all.

Myra Fordham, a domestic abuse survivor, is Australia's #1 Trauma coach and the founder of Myra Fordham Coaching. She is also an International Best Selling Author in sexual, domestic abuse, with the book titled "Hear Her Roar: Successful Women Who Experienced Domestic Abuse."

Back in 2016, Myra took a blow to the head from her ex-boyfriend that caused her to suffer a severe brain injury due to blood vessels bleeding in her head. After being placed in an 11 day induced coma and going through brain surgery, she had to learn to walk and talk again.

Myra bravely shares, "After being placed in a coma and undergoing brain surgery, I had to learn everything repeatedly, even simple activities like walking and talking. I was pushed in a wheelchair. I felt like a baby. I felt broken."

During post-surgery hospital rehabilitation, Myra realized she desperately needed to get her life back on track. Through her healing process, she overcame anxiety, depression, and suicide. She knew she was going through all of this to reach her higher purpose in life.

Myra shares, "I learned that I had to heal, expand and grow. I had to heal my genealogical trauma through rehabilitation and unlearn my toxic behavioral traits. I also learned that I didn't have to be the victim of my past, and I should leave my abusive, toxic relationship."

Staying authentically true to herself and owning her unfortunate experience, Myra Fordham now coaches women with anxiety and helps them overcome their traumas to live happy and free from issues holding them back from succeeding in life.

One of Myra's clients shares, "I struggled with my mental health due to some very toxic people connected with my work. After completing Myra's 6-week program, I experienced a breakthrough in my thought patterns that kept me from moving forward. I now have a positive mindset, believe in myself, and know that I can achieve my goals."

While past trauma can become debilitating and pose an obstacle in our lives, we always have the choice to rise above it. The decision to grow from past trauma is only in our hands and our hands. Showing compassion towards ourselves and working with a competent coach that has solved their past problems is vital, and as a result, you can work more effortlessly towards a free and happy life.