Myanmar Junta Army Tie and Burn 11 Villagers to Death [Video]: Report

Social media is trending with the hashtag 'BurntAliveByJunta' after reports of the junta military brutalizing 11 villagers and burning them to death surfaced.

Reports of the Myanmar junta military committing horrible acts of cruelty by burning at least 11 youths alive in an encounter have taken social media by storm. People are professing their anger by posting pictures and videos of the deadly carnage carried out by the military terrorists with the hashtag 'BurntAliveByJunta' on Twitter. According to Myanmar Now, the junta's security forces set 11 villagers on fire in the Sagaing region in Salingyi Township on Tuesday, December 7, during an army raid of about 100 troops.

The outlet reported that according to an official from Salingyi PDF the army brutalized 11 villagers of DoneTaw village and set them on fire. The leader of the Dontaw village defense team corroborated the incident before adding that that the victims did not have a single weapon on them. A total of 11 people, included a 40-year-old asthma patient, a 14-year-old boy, four 17-year-olds, four others who were in their 20s along with one in his 30s faced the wrath of the military 'terrorists.'

The inhumane act carried out by the Myanmar security forces was heavily condemned on social media. Videos and pictures of the burnt bodies of the youth, who were tied and burnt were doing rounds on social media. Myanmar Now, however, has not confirmed if the youth were burnt alive or burnt to death by the military.

Villagers shot and burnt

According to Myanmar Now, the head of the village's defense team noted that the incident unfolded after three landmines exploded near the North Yama Bridge over 1,000 feet north of Dontaw village between 7 am and 11 am on Tuesday. Following the explosion, the army captured 11 villagers inside a betel farm. The locals, after hearing continuous gunfire for about an hour, saw flames rising from the site where the locals were captured by the army.

One of the victims, identified as Lal Ro Mawi, 24, was working in the field in Kale Tsp at around 8 am when he was reportedly abducted by the military and used as a human shield. He was later burnt to death alive during the arson attack on OhhMyayHtoo Village, Kale Tsp.

The military council has not been informed of the incident and it is not known whether any arrests have been made. The brutal violence surfaced on the heels of Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi being sentenced to four years in jail by a local court in the Myanmarese capital of Naypyidaw on Monday, December 6.

This article was first published on December 7, 2021