My lips got swollen like a duck from filming a kiss scene: Kim Ji Suk

Kim Ji Suk agreed that he is very close to his character Lee Jin Sang

Actor Kim Ji Suk had some tough time filming kissing scene with Ye Ji Won on tvN's hit drama Oh Hae Young Again. Reportedly, the lip-locking scene was quite intense and in turn gave an inflated lip shape to the actor.

At the special telecast on 5 July, the 35-year-old shared his amusement on the aggressive elevator kiss he shared with Turning Gate actress in the 17th episode. The actor told Allkpop: "It was the first time that my lips got swollen like a duck from filming a kiss scene. It took us 30 minutes to shoot it, and we bumped into everything since it was in a small, disclosed space."

Giving her agreement on Ji Suk's explanation of the kiss, the 43-year-old relayed: "It turned all red around my lips because of his beard."

In addition, Ji Suk also opened about his portrayal in the romantic comedy drama with Grazia in one of his earlier interviews. He said: "We're similar in that we have many loves. I am good friends with a former girlfriend. I want to be able to maintain personal relations if possible while treasuring the feelings of having liked someone."

Citing the popularity of the show, Ji Suk also revealed that people often contacted him to know more about the drama: "Not too long ago, my mother called me and asked, 'You really don't remember sleeping with Ye Ji Won [in the drama]? Or are you pretending you don't?'", the actor shared.