My first video to hit 1 million views was about the first gay couple to marry in New York, said LGBTQ influencer Josh Helfgott

Josh Helfgott

LGBTQ visibility has remarkably increased since the last few years. This emphasis on inclusion is echoed in how people of the modern age discover and express their sexualities. Celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and many others have come out as gay early in their lives. Others present more fluid identities and back for a society that's more open-minded. But amongst them all, influencers are playing a significant role in the contemporary fight against gender stereotypes and the embracement as well as acceptance of LGBTQ people. Josh Helfgott is one such individual whose advocacy for the LGBTQ community remains relentless.

As an LGBTQ educator and influencer, Helfgott considers it extremely important to battle for recognition and acceptance. He strives for it in various ways. One such instance where he extended immense support and expressed who he really is, and what he feels for the community, was when he uploaded a video on TikTok telling the story of the first gay couple to get married in New York, which propelled 30-year-old Helfgott to amass hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views. Thereon, his journey to bringing forth touching LGBTQ love stories began.

Having pursued a course in LGBTQ Studies at Cornell University, Helfgott firmly believes in establishing a culture of inclusion, respect, and spreading awareness to help others express themselves without fearing embarrassment or societal pressure. To do so, Helfgott found social media – particularly Instagram and TikTok, as his go-to platforms where he tells stories related to LGBTQ history, current events, and real-life tales from decades ago. Now, with a following of over 500,000 on TikTok alone, Helfgott is working towards guiding and educating the youth who have placed their faith in him and look up to him as their source of inspiration. Josh added, "I had no LGBT friends or role models during my childhood outside of my two moms, so I chose to be the role model I needed so badly."

Helfgott's online presence offers a glimpse into his life and work, and importantly, his connection and unique relationship with his followers. In fact, in one of the videos that gained immense traction, Helfgott can be seen lending support to LGBTQ youth during pride month. This video went viral on the internet, and over 6000 people commented on Helfgott's thoughts and showered praises. At present, he even conducts live streams. He advises thousands of people and LGBTQ fans from around the world to explore their identity and come out with pride for themselves as well as their relationships. Before becoming a virtual educator, Helfgott was also an active keynote speaker who delivered many speeches across the country on LGBTQ matters.

His knowledge on the subject, vibrant personality, positive outlook and helping nature has helped him win not just multiple awards but a virtual family and countless friends from around the world. Helfgott hopes that, by sharing his own experience and highlighting same-sex love stories in his videos and posts, he can help society evolve, understand, accept, and grow.