'My Digital Buddy' launched their new Instagram filter named 'Which Influencer', hits the 4 million mark

My Digital Buddy

Ever since the social media platforms have expanded their wings, it has brought in a lot of innovations. The trend of Instagram filters is not new and there are multiple filters available on the platform which has got its own USP. 'My Digital Buddy', a Gurgaon-based digital marketing firm launched its first-ever filter named 'Which Influencer' which has already hit a milestone of 4 million and counting. The filter is one of its kind which gives the users an option to tag their favourite influencers on Instagram stories.

The filter has various categories like a favourite fashion blogger, favourite makeup artist, favourite TikToker, favourite beauty blogger, favourite lifestyle blogger, favourite food blogger and many more. While the users can still tag their favourite bloggers on their Instagram stories, but this filter has its own yet exclusive uniqueness. The interactive filter managed to get its first 500K impressions within 48 hours. It is again a record set by 'My Digital Buddy' in a very less time frame.

As per the data, many users showed their love to their favourite influencer by tagging them in the Instagram stories through the filter. Moreover, the filter got popular as many influencers reshared the stories on their respective pages. Due to this, within no time 'Which Influencer' filter got viral and reached out to masses with the speed of light. The micro-influencers used these filters and even got a shoutout from the majority of the A-list influencers. With a strong word of mouth, this filter by 'My Digital Buddy' worked as a marketing tool for various influencers.

In a span of 15 days, the filter managed to get over 4 million impressions and more than 60K captures. Speaking about it, the company in a statement said, "We expected this filter to do well but did not expect these magical figures. Its miraculous that the micro-influencers started using 'Which Influencer' and populated it on Instagram. It has not only benefitted the agency but has also worked as a marketing magnet for the influencers as they garnered thousands of followers organically." Well, this makes one thing clear that the Instagram filter is the most creative tool for many brands and influencers. 'My Digital Buddy' is now planning to launch 6 new filters including 'Guess that phrase' and many others.

Link to 'Which Influencer': - https://www.instagram.com/ar/235095097787956/

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