Music Artist Temple Naylor Highlights the Things Every New Musician Should Follow

Temple Naylor

Music plays a huge role in our lives. Go to any wedding, party, stadium, or any occasion you may think of; music will be playing there. Musicians communicate their emotions through music which adds to its power. It can make you happy, energetic, and content. It touches your soul and instigates a change from within. In the past decade, many musicians have been rocking the stage and building a large fan base. Temple Naylor is one of those. He is the kind of artist you would enjoy listening to as he plays meaningful lyrics and soulful melodies.

Temple states that working as a musician is not a nine to five job it requires commitment 24/7. It is not an easy journey and requires tremendous efforts and strong dedication, often for not enough compensation.

So here are a few truths about the music industry by Temple Naylor, which musicians must know before they enter the business. While some are encouraging, others fall under the category of a reality check. However, they all are vital to know before stepping your foot in the music business.

Know The Art And The Business Are Two Separate Things

Temple cites these as two different worlds. One is the creative side, which requires you to make good music that enthralls your fans. The other is the business side, which requires you to build your independent brand using business tactics. So once you enter the field, you must be able to differentiate the two and realize how each is so important in making you a successful independent musician. And work on both aspects separately.

Manage Your Social Media Well

Never ignore the power of social media. Stats are easily viewable to tell you what your fans like or don't. It tells where most fans are located. Temple urges all new musicians to make good use of social media and make it a habit of looking at total traffic, top searches, and stories inside your site daily. Make Google Analytics your best friend and enjoy a free web stats tool to use on your website. The fact is, numbers are worth knowing, so know them well.

Make Your Music Easily Available To Fans

You do not have to withhold your music from streaming services. It will do you more harm than good. Temple recommends using top apps for music and sharing your music. Streaming on popular platforms can help you get noticed.