MURI: How this NFT Project Is Taking Anime-Themed NFTs To The Next Level


Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space is now the most experimented area breaking barriers and pushing the walls of possibilities in Web3-led metaverse. Enthusiasts, artists, and investors are jumping the bandwagon to make the most of it. The continuous stream of creative freedom and novelty is shaping the NFT experience every day. One significant trend that stands out today in the NFT marketplace is the rising popularity and attraction of anime-based NFTs. One such promising and extraordinary anime NFT drops emerging as head turner is MURI NFTs by Haus.

The whole NFT series come across as an anime storyline centered around MURI and her future, as Japan is at a tipping point. Her struggle, journey, and final arrival to the Night City to defeat her enemies create a unique metaverse of characters and happenings. The storytelling style is one distinguishing feat and feature that makes MURI NFTs stand apart from the rest. A whole integrated ecosystem comes into being where all the characters, costumes, and weapons aggregate to implement virtual reality," says the team at the MURI project.

Based on Japanese manga tradition, the MURI project envisioned each action and change in the anime impacting change in every other character included in the MURI world. This gives the project a cutting edge ever-evolving creativity. The result is the aggregation of 10000+ anime-inspired characters, each different from the other in design, costume, gear, and style. It has created a craze in the anime NFT segment that within 2 months of its drop, this collection has sold 22,358 times with a total volume of 19,679.11 ETH. "With trendy fashion wears, unique accessories, native tokens, and rewards, the team has built a complete ecosystem for MURI comprising merchandise, access to community events, shopping, in-game purchases, and many more," says Assa, Founder of MURI

MURI by Haus, a conglomerate of digital art enthusiasts and developers, is an NFT collection that launched on March 13, 2022. There are currently 6,152 unique owners with a total supply of 10,000 NFTs.

MURI NFT is an anime-style 3D projection that can be viewed from all angles. The characters look straight at you establishing a connection. These NFTs with stylish gear, posture, and warring outfits create a cool yet tough feel.