Murder Accused Escapes From Oklahoma Jail by Climbing Down From 12th Floor

In an escape that seems fit for a movie storyline, Pablo Robledo tied bedsheets and used them as a rope to climb down from the 12th floor.

It is an oft-repeated observation that fact is much stranger than fiction. A weird incident from the state of Oklahoma has again proven that real life can often trump reel life in amazing everyone. A jailed inmate at the Oklahoma County Jail, located in Oklahoma City, escaped from his prison cell which was located on the 12th floor.

The method this man used to carry out his escape has been imagined several times in fiction. The 34-year old person is named Pablo Robledo and is facing charges of first-degree murder. He, apparently, tied bedsheets provided to him and his cellmate together and, after breaking the window of the cell, climbed down the wall using the same knotted sheets to escape the jail.

Pablo Robledo
Pablo Robledo is accused of first-degree murder and other crimes Oklahoma City Police Department

Robledo's jailmate

While Robledo was able to succeed fully in his attempt and is still at large, his cellmate seemed to have either got overexcited and jumped off the wall while he was still at fourth-floor level, or, fell from that height after losing his grip. As expected, he got injured, was soon apprehended and taken to a nearby medical facility to get treatment for his injuries.

The escape was effected in the wee hours of Friday morning. The security cameras of the jail have captured the two men out of the prison at around 5:25 AM in the morning, meaning that they had started their descent from the 12th floor sometime earlier.

Oklahoma Jail
The tied bedsheets hanging from the 12th floor of the jail Twitter/KOCO

Robledo is a Hispanic man who stands 5'9" tall. His cellmate's name is Jose Balentin Hernandez, also Hispanic, judging by his name. The jump or fall of the other from the fourth-floor level left him with a broken leg, something now being treated. The police are now hunting for his partner who, apart from being a murder accused, also faces charges of domestic violence, assault, and battery, etc.

He had been interred since June of last year and had pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. His trial is set to begin at the end of the current month, August 31 to be precise. His escape from the prison certainly doesn't seem to back his assertion of being guiltless. His being out of prison is also worrisome considering the charges he faces.