Muneer Lyati – An Engineer of Modern Times

Muneer Lyati

Muneer Lyati, a Saudi-born man, got a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jeddah College of Technology in 2016. He majored in engines and vehicles while doing his bachelor's. He has been born in, raised in, and lives in Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

At present, he is working for the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation as a trainee mechanical engineer, gaining his experience in the field. In the past, Muneer did cooperative training as a maintenance engineer and at Alhamrani Fox Petroleum Company. Other than that, he also did cooperative training at Hussein Al Ali Institute.

Lyati has worked in some other companies too namely Al-Jazirah Vehicles Company, Bin Laden Company, and Al-Shayi Trading Company. Working at all these companies has provided him with many different experiences as he has worked in several kinds of the environment with various people.

Lyati speaks fluent English, can write English very well, and possess great listening skills which are essential when dealing with customers. His strong grasp of the English language has allowed him to be able to write very well including writing articles. Mr. Muneer has also been the secretary of the engineering student's association indicating he has leadership skills which assisted him in being able to hold such a position in the student's association.

During his time as a secretary, he was given the job of writing memos, minutes of the association, and presenting the minutes of the previous association which helped polish his communication skills too. Lyati has had leadership skills which are what lead to him being the secretary of the association mentioned previously and has represented the student body at the administration several times as a student leader.

Mr. Muneer Lyati has managerial skills as he trained in IOSH management which is an abbreviation for Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. This organization provides professional qualifications for the reason of raising the standards of health and safety at workplaces.

Furthermore, while in cooperate training, Lyati had the opportunity to deal with customers on a day-to-day basis which has helped him greatly and his socialization skills have been improved while training for twelve months. Jobs that require people who can easily interact with customers are suitable for Mr. Muneer due to the above-mentioned reason.

Moreover, due to working in companies that remain busy like Al-Jazirah Vehicles Company and Bin Laden Company, he has learned the skill of working under pressure and being able to get the tasks done on time. This is a quality not many possess as it requires a great deal of resilience to be able to work while being under pressure.

Mr. Muneer has done courses related to computing skills and while his time at the university, he also took a course named fundamentals of computing which has provided him with enough knowledge of computers that he can use to perform his job well.

He is good at running MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word, Mat Lab, Auto Cad, SAP system, Carriage Work, and Solid System. Some of the courses that he trained in also included training as a firefighter, divemaster, and principles of effective supervision.