Multiple arrests in Colorado over child abuse and endangerment

Three employees along with the owner were looking after 20 children under the age of 2

A daycare owner and her accomplices were arrested this week after the authorities found several preschool children being hidden behind a fake wall last month. None of the children seemed harmed when they were placed in the basement behind the fake wall.

In November this year, police were on a call to Play Mountain Place after receiving reports that the daycare was overcrowded. They were shocked to find the children being hidden behind a wall. The owner, Carla Faith (56), was charged with child abuse and attempt to influence a public servant. The welfare check that followed on November 13 revealed that there were more children than their license permitted.

Play Mountain Place, Colorado Springs
Play Mountain Place, Colorado Springs Google Maps

Three employees arrested on similar charges

Two adults along with 20 or so children were found behind the wall inside the daycare. The daycare is attached to Faith's home. All the children were below the age of two. The children were not provided proper care as expected from day care. They were dehydrated and in dirty diapers. The affidavit said that Faith claimed that the children were at a park. But further probe into the house showed the several backpack's being stacked inside a closet. The affidavit noted that the owner said she was cleaning the backpacks for a soccer team.

While searching the centre police heard music coming from the floor and a child's muffled cries. The cops eventually found the fake arrangement against the wall. The children's parents were unaware of the situation in which the children were being cared under. The authorization for the daycare states that they can have six children under their care. They were violating various laws and rights while taking care of the children.

After the situation under which the children were taken care of came into light, Faith was ordered to close her establishments. She is posted for $3000 for various charges. Katelynne Nelson, 31, Christina Swauger, 35, and Valerie Fresquez, 24, her three employees were also arrested for the same charges.