Multi talented Entrepreneur Jason Liberman Shares Tips On Improving Cyber security For Your Business

Jason Liberman

The Covid-19 pandemic spurred an exponential growth in cybersecurity risks, making your company just as vulnerable as any other. Covid-19 sparked public concern over the distribution of wealth, and hackers are doing everything they can to harm corporate structures through continuous assaults. This is a critical time for businesses to adapt their cybersecurity strategies and protect themselves against ever-accelerating threats.

Who better to trust critical security issues against various forms of a cyber intrusion than experienced professionals? B2B companies are increasingly engaging professional IT teams as a preventative measure to ensure that corporate data is secure and under the ongoing supervision of an expert.

Yet amid today's relentless market competition, it is important to know which company to trust. Competent firms like Liberman Networks, Inc. have extensive expertise in addressing all cybersecurity needs by implementing state-of-the-art strategies. The company's founder Jason Liberman shared important tips to keep in mind when looking to safeguard your data.

Turn On MFA

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an access control component that requires users to authenticate their identity with at least two distinct verification factors before accessing a website, mobile application or another online resource. A strong MFA is an inalienable part of your security policy. The system identifies a user based on something he knows (a password), something he has (a smart card), and a biometric identity (a fingerprint). MFA is the only security method that organizations can use to uniquely identify a person on the other side of an electronic transaction.

Diversify Passwords

Complex and diversified passwords are a cornerstone of a robust cybersecurity system. In 2017, accountancy firm Deloitte fell victim to a hack that lasted several months. The hackers gained access to the company's IT system by breaking into the administrator's account, which was protected by a simple password.

The password should include a complex combination of characters. At the same time, each service and site must have its unique password and never be reused.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a sophisticated security system that offers an integrated solution for protecting computer hardware components from potential attacks. The intelligent system combines continuous monitoring with real-time data collection from endpoints. Unlike antivirus software, which is designed to tackle common and widespread threats, EDR solutions are designed to detect targeted attacks and complex cases.

Backup Your Data

Backing up data is necessary for ensuring a quick and inexpensive restore of information (i.e., documents, programs, settings, etc.) in case of its loss. This will come in handy not only if the device's system fails, but also if your PC is infected with a ransomware virus. To avoid losing vital data, repeat the backup process on a regular basis.

Summing Up

By the end of 2021, the cost of harm caused by cybercrimes is anticipated to surpass $ 6 trillion. There is no reason to risk losing income and reputation due to the lack of attention to cybersecurity threats that have been exacerbated as a result of Covid-19. Securing your company's data will provide significant benefits.

Software solutions designed with malware protection in mind will always work in your favor. They are not, however, omnipotent, and IT specialists with human intuition will continue to be the greatest option for actively implementing cybersecurity in 2021.

Contact Liberman Networks, Inc. to learn more on how they can be of great value to your security quests.