A man, allegedly a mule has been arrested and prosecuted by the FBI for selling Cocaine via his PlayStation 4. The dealer sold an undisclosed amount of Cocaine using an in-game messenger service, at $3,400 per kg. For getting the shreds of evidence of the crime, the FBI has requested Sony for the data of the alleged offence.

Named Curtis Alexander, using a gamer name of Speedola20 were caught in a sting operation by the FBI after getting a tip from an informant. Later the FBI initiated a sting operation and found Speedola20 selling 100 gms of Cocaine over PlayStation Network's (PSN) messaging service, reported Motherboard.

Used code language

In the search warrant issued by the FBI, another gamer called CHS messaged Alexander asking, "Bro, need a bug." The CHS later explained to the FBI that "Bug" is a codeword used for Cocaine. And Nina Bug meaning nine-ounce of Cocaine. Alexander then contacted with the CHS via audio in an online multiplayer game via a message reading, "What the deal, bro, you good." To which, CHS replied writing "Gucci," meaning he is up for the cocaine transaction. Later the FBI met with the CHS to conduct the cocaine deal with Alexander.

The CHS made a call later, and they both agreed to meet at the Velvet Freeze Daiquiri Bar, Kansas City, Missouri. The FBI provided the CHS $4,950 for the deal and surveilled to the pre-arranged location. They meet, and CHS paid $4000 and received 103.3gm of Cocaine.
Later both of them carried the conversation over the telephone.

Playstation 4 records

The FBI requested Sony to provide all the in-game records of Alexander including his physical address, telephone number, account credentials, and more technical information like the IP address the convicted used for registering and logging into his PlayStation 4. The name of the game they used for initiating the conversation has not yet been disclosed. Post the request, Sony is also, however, to come back to the request from the FBI.

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