Mukesh Asopa "As filmmakers we should love the art of filmmaking"


Mukesh Asopa "As filmmakers we should love the art of filmmaking"Filmmaking is an art form, and the final product, like any other art form, reflects the director's abilities. Every artist's path to discovering his or her characteristic moves is unique, but ultimately, it's the experiences and choices that lead the way to greatness. Mukesh Asopa's films are all about his ardent love for the art of making them in order to not only entertain but also to engage with and relate to the audience as much as possible. Asopa's creative blending of genres such as thriller, horror, drama, and romance is a distinctive feature of his filmmaking, resulting in a distinct flavor that stands apart from mainstream film culture.

So far Asopa has presented six feature films one after another since his debut in the industry in
2009 with the release of Aisha and Rahul. All of his films have a distinct tone and appeal to audiences of all ages, demonstrating his versatility as a director. Asopa has received over 100 accolades from a variety of prestigious film festivals held globally as a result of his upward trajectory. These accomplishments not only validate his talents in the eyes of the juries and participants of such festivals, but they also validate his great achievements. Mukesh Asopa has grown to become a well-known Canadian film director and actor known for his distinctive style in the Hollywood film industry, is enthralled by the art of filmmaking and the sheer beauty of the various elements involved. In his words, "Films are not stocks and there is no exchange where they can be traded."

Asopa to reach such heights has devoted himself completely and worked relentlessly to enroll in the illustrious Calcutta University. As Bengal's and India's oldest university, it drew students from all walks of life. Rabindranath Tagore, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, Ronald Ross, Amartya Sen, and Abhijit Banerjee are among the Nobel laureates who studied or worked there. Satyajit Ray, the Academy Award-winning director, and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, the composer of India's national song, were both graduates of the university. Asopa is also a graduate of the prestigious Barry John Acting Studio, which has produced a number of well-known actors. Mira Nair, a well-known Hollywood film director, Frieda Pinto, a well-known model and actress, and Jacqueline Fernandez, a well-known model and actress, are just a few to name. Mukesh always praises Barry John as the best guru he has ever had in his interviews. He is eternally grateful to him for his training and introduction to the professional world of filmmaking.

Asopa, since he can remember, has been influenced by a number of Hollywood film directors and actors, and he would not hesitate to mention Quantin Tarantino, James Cameron, and Taika Waititi as some of his favorites. He likes films starring Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Priyanka Chopra, and Jennifer Lawerence, to mention a few actors. In his opinion these are few highly talented artists in the film industry who made the Hollywood Films stand out in the world.

Mukesh enjoys telling stories through his films, which are rarely told in the manner in which he does. "Bloody Romeo," his most recent film, has been nominated for the prestigious 2022-Socal Film Awards in California. The film will also be an official selection at the 2022-Idyllwild international film festival, which will take place in March. The film's storey offers a highly original take on the issue of suicide, which has never been depicted so beautifully in any film with so many twists and turns. The film had its world premiere in theaters on Halloween 2021 in Ontario, Canada, to a rapturous reception. Many countries will be able to see it in theaters and on OTT platforms in the near future. His last film "Depth Of Pyaar" garnered over 60 Awards from multiple film festivals and can be checked out on Amazon Prime in the USA and UK.

Asopa previously directed and featured in the Zombie film "Zombie Beach." In 2014, Carmike cinemas around the United States released the film, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews from college students. The film was also shown at the famous Port Townsend Film Festival in Washington, at the Rose Theater. The film was also shown in India, where it played to a packed house during a few screenings at the Jaipur International Film Festival, followed by the Cyprus International Film Festival in Cyprus. The film was also nominated for a Best Thriller and Horror Award in San Jose, California, and Mukesh attended a number of the festivals and was blown away by the audience reception.

Another one of his feature films, "The Taste of Relation" that was released in 2009 was a drama that made the audience cry and experience the protagonist's sorrow because it was able to connect with the public and their personal lives in North America. The film depicts a father-son bond that has never been depicted on the big screen in the manner in which this film was presented.

When it came to technology and quality, Mukesh preferred to work with the greatest cameras and techniques available, which are comparable to those used in Hollywood productions. His debut film, "Aisha and Rahul," was shot in Toronto in 2008-2009, about the same time that the new RED One was released. The quality and projection of that camera were superior to any film camera on the market at the time, and since then, the majority of his films have been filmed on the RED Camera in order to provide the finest projection experience for the audience.

Asopa credits his exponential success to his unwavering zest to reach the hearts of his audience and to portray his work to the best of his abilities. He is eternally grateful to his entire cast and crew for their support and trust. It can lastly be said that no matter what the future beholds, it is people like Asopa, who are inclined towards exploring the art of filmmaking at different levels who will continue to excite the global audience and take the film industry to greater heights.