Mujahid Ali Khan's Poetic Acumen is Making him Scale New Heights of Success

Mujahid Ali Khan

Art makes the world come alive. This is true for artists all around the world who make people feel the awe and wonder of life. One such artist is Mujahid Ali Khan, an Urdu poet who writes in a variety of genres like poems, ghazals, verses, and couplets. The journey of the artist began in his childhood when he was in pure admiration of his mother's work. He started writing as a beginner without realizing that, one day, he will find his sole purpose writing verses to entertain, educate and inspire millions around the world.

The favourite themes of Mujahid are love, emotions, and feelings, which are often reflected in his work. He also never restricts himself to write about things or people who inspired him the most as he has reserved a special corner for verses dedicated to his mother. He also writes openly about non-taboo subjects that are not so ordinary. One of his songs, "Maayi" has been also sung by famous singer Imran Sehar. Mujahid Ali Khan's art collection revolves around hope, love, and harmony.

"Poetry is here to motivate us, improve our confidence, and make us see life from a different lens. It begins right in the morning when we send greetings and good thoughts across to our friends, family, and others. I am just doing a small job by giving everyone fine thoughts and words to read and share," says Mujahid.

The artist has gained love, admiration, and a huge fan base for his poetry and romantic ghazals. He uploads his work every day on his social web page to stay in touch with his fan family and also to give them a dose of his artsy pieces. So far, in terms of numbers, Mujahid has published his couplets & many pieces of poetry on popular websites, newspapers, and social channels. He has large following on Facebook & other social media platforms. He has won many accolades and awards throughout his journey including first prize at Infosys Got Talent in Bangalore which was a State level competition. He has also performed in Dubai in front of a packed audience which included Bollywood personalities such as Tahira Kashyap Khurana.

"Mujahid is a fine thinker and his thoughts reflect clearly in his poetry. In a sea of poets and writers around us, Mujahid stands out with his poetical skills," says an admirer of his work.

Along with these, Mujahid has his hands full with his new upcoming app and a memoir. He is also expecting a break in Bollywood. It will give the audience glimpse of his life and his work.

"Every day, I find that my love for poetry gets stronger. My phone app and my memoir will bring my readers in direct contact with my thoughts and where I come from. The memoir will be published soon," says Mujahid.

Mujahid was born on January 4, in India. He studied at Delhi University India and obtained a Master's degree. As a poet and writer, his hard work and dedication reflect in his work as he strives each day to fine his art and show it to the world.