MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Called Out on Twitter for Referring Trump as 'The President'

On Monday, Andre Mitchell called Donald Trump "the president" when she talked about Sen. Lindsey Graham praising him in a video.

Twitter users called out MSBNC host Andrea Mitchell on Monday for referring to Donald Trump as "the president." Some users also tagged the network saying that MSNBC should remind its staff to refer to Trump as the former president.

On Monday, Mitchell called Trump "the president" when she talked about Sen. Lindsey Graham praising Trump in a video. "Let's just play what Lindsey Graham had to say because that was the full embrace yesterday of the president," she said.

Mitchell continued to call Trump as "the president" even after the clip ended. Viewers noted the gaffe throughout her segment.

"The president is out on the golf course today. We've already seen him out on the golf course down there in Palm Beach," the 74-year-old journalist said.

Andrea Mitchell
Andrea Mitchell Wikimedia Commons

However, Mitchell's slip up was not taken lightly by Twitter users.

"Please STOP referring to Trump as 'the president'! You said, 'the president is on the golf course today'.......he is NOT!! He is in the WH doing his job. Joe Biden is the PRESIDENT! Better yet, stop talking about Trump all together!! @mitchellreports" one user tweeted.

A second user wrote: "Heard just now on @MSNBC: the President is on the golf course. NO. He's in the Oval Office doing his job. PLEASE stop referring to Trump as President. We worked really hard to make sure he wasn't anymore."

Another user stated: "Helpful hint for @MSNBC journalists and hosts: 'The President' is Joe Biden. When you talk about the person in that space before him, you need to say 'the FORMER president.'"

Last Wednesday, Mitchell was mocked on social media after she unsuccessfully attempted to factcheck Sen. Ted Cruz's literary reference. During Trump's second impeachment trial, the senator quoted William Shakespeare's Macbeth and said: "It's reminiscent of Shakespeare [in] that it is full of sound and fury, and yet signifying nothing."

Mitchell called out Cruz on Twitter by saying: "@SenTedCruz says #ImpeachmentTrial is like Shakespeare full of sound and fury signifying nothing. No, that's Faulkner."

The MSNBC host likely got the reference wrong as William Faulkner wrote The Sound and Fury in 1929 — the title of the book was inspired from Macbeth. Cruz did not miss the opportunity to correct Mitchell.

"Methinks she doth protest too much. One would think NBC would know the Bard. Andrea, take a look at Macbeth act 5, scene 5: '[Life] struts & frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound & fury, Signifying nothing,'" the senator responded.

It took a while for Mitchell to accept her mistake, which she did after Twitter users corrected her. Following this, she apologized to Cruz.