Ms Marvel, She-Hulk & other Disney + shows is a must-watch for fans this reason

Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel will also appear on future Marvel films, confirms Kevin Feige

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has bigger plans with its upcoming Disney plus shows such as Moon Knight, Ms Marvel, and She-Hulk. Though the characters will debut in their own limited series', the appearances won't just be limited to streaming viewers.

After conquering the big screens with blockbuster Marvel movies, Disney has set its eyes on winning over the small screen audience with its upcoming new streaming service, Disney plus. But will their appearances just be limited to Disney plus? Not quite.

Speaking on THR's Awards Chatter podcast, Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige confirmed that the below-mentioned characters will make their first appearance on Disney plus and would soon pop in future Marvel films.

"Some characters we've announced like She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, and Moon Knight you will meet for the first time on a Disney+ show and then they'll go into the movies but the MCU will now go back and forth," the producer confirms.

She-hulk Disney plus poster
She-Hulk/Marvel Studios

Even before unveiling the crossover news, Feige addressed that Marvel's film and TV properties are together a larger universe (multiverse perhaps?). Arguably, it seems that the MCU boss is planning on establishing a universe that could set up a bigger event than Endgame for the future.

"It's specifically planned the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be in theatres and on Disney+. To go full circle, when I went to USC, it was called the USC School of Film and Television and it is now called the USC School of Cinematic Arts, because cinematic arts crossover," Feige said.

Fans must take note that Feige mentions the MCU from now on would "go back and forth", suggesting that movie characters could end up on Disney plus and the other way around as well. An unprecedented move could possibly change the entire landscape of cinematic art.

The Falcon and Winter Soldier, two MCU characters from the big screens will continue their journey on Disney plus in their own limited series. Likewise, it looks like Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and others will find themselves doing the opposite appearing in Marvel movies. Disney plus launches on November 12. But Moon Knight, Ms Marvel and She-Hulk do not have a release date assigned yet.