Mr SA pageant finalists hilariously trolled, compared to their female counterparts on Twitter

The Mr SA (South Africa) pageant has come under criticism from a section of netizens as they troll the finalists them on Twitter. The organisers are also under attack after the pictures of the contestants, who made it to the last stage of the event, went viral on social media sites.

Mr SA Pageant finalists Face Backlash
Mr SA pageant finalists facing backlash from netizens. Mr SA Pageant Facebook Page

On its official social media page, the organisers of the pageant posted the photos of the finalists in underwear photoshoot. However, the netizens were unhappy with the finalists and compared them with the Miss SA pageant.

Relaxation of Norms
Starting from the quality of the photoshoot to the selection of the candidates, netizens had many reasons to complain. In particular, people accused the organisers of relaxing the norms for the Mr South Africa pageant.

"I'll never get over how the requirements for Miss SA include not having Tattoos, children, you only sleep an hour a day, you must not eat meat, you can only breathe between 6-9 and more but the requirements for Mr SA are that you should be a man. WHAT???. [sic]" wrote a user on Twitter.

For example, one of the criteria to participate in Miss South Africa pageant is the age of the contestant should be between 20 and 28. Whereas there are no such restrictions for men.

What Organisers Say?
According to Mr SA pageant website, it is an all-inclusive brand, and competition. "Mr. South Africa is somebody that younger generations look up to. A man that inspires. We pride ourselves on being a fair, all inclusive brand and competition. Finding the strongest candidate and through mentorship, training and hard work, we mold our titleholders into the inspirational agents of change our country deserves to be known for. Humility, compassion, integrity, professionalism & realness are the key attributes that make a Mr. South Africa."

However, the event had come under criticism in 2019 too, but the organisers had told TimesLive that comparing Mr SA and Miss SA pageants was unfair.

"To a certain extent I can understand people's misconception in terms of comparing us to Miss SA. I can't speak for their judging or entry criteria because they are a separately owned entity," JP Robberts, CEO of the Mr SA brand, was quoted as saying by the website last year.

The grand finale will be held on 28 November.