Mr. Allen He - A Man With Dreams And An Achiever

Mr. Allen

In the era of the internet, almost many things changed. Technology improved and more information became available in a very simple way.

People of every age want to become famous so that the world might remember them for their success. Everyone wants to become someone, whom every person in the upcoming era sees as an idol. And the internet became a great way of becoming famous and successful with hard work, passion, and skills.

Mr. Allen He is such a person who has a combination of these three things. He was very curious to know about marketing and wanted to help brands to reach their full potential.

In 2012, started as a Software Engineer with a post of a simple employee, now became Global Brand Director of the AndaSeat Company which makes one of the best and finest gaming chairs. And before that he works as the CMO and Marketing specialist for Dogee Mobiles Inc.

He completed a bachelor's in Public Affairs and Administration from the Hunan Agricultural University in his early life. And started his earning journey by joining Doogee as their press relation. With a contribution of his hard work in Marketing the company and pushing Doogee to the next level. And in very little time, he started leading the Marketing Department with his skills and intelligence and then took CMO's position, which is where his life started changing to a better one.

Later in 2016, he started to work as a marketing promoter for SmartOmi, a leading Chinese accessories, and products brand. With his skills, he gave a great 1400 sales of products just within 8 hours. This was a huge achievement for him and his name started spreading in the marketing industry as a marketing genius.

After this achievement, he became familiar with that by helping others to improve their marketing he can build up his career. He became one of the best marketers for new startups. He started helping other startup brands to reach the next level which makes him a genius in Brand Marketing And PR Strategies.

Within 4 years in 2020, he became such a genius that he was offered to join AndaSeat, one of the finest gaming chairs in the world. He joined as their Global Brand Director with the responsibility to take this brand to a next level and boost sales and global exposure.

As he is famous in the marketing industry, every brand he worked with had huge expectations from him and he gave more than the expectations. His passion and his never giving up mindset was the biggest reason for his achievement.

His hard work, passion and never giving up mindset make him such a genius and will make him more successful in the journey of life. He now became an idol of many new marketers. One day he will be remembered as one of the finest and best marketers in the world.